Translation and Proofreading


Based on the international community in Denmark, Heyttu provides professional academic translation and proofreading service. Thanks to our experts team, our current services focuse on the field of medicine, biology, and Chinese culture and philosophy.  

Heyttu offers translation among Chinese, English, German, Danish, Spanish, French etc. with the level of publication. 

Price List

Translation: 0.12 Euro/word (including proofreading)

Proofreading: 0.03 Euro/word

List of  Main Translator and Editor

Mrs. Alexis Kaae (English, Danish, Translation and Editing)

Mr. Simon Roy Christensen Ph.D (English, Danish, Translation and Editing)

Dr. med. Lin Cheng, PhD(English, Chinese, Translation)

Dr. Sandra Wong(English, Editing)

Mrs. Patricia Bock(English, German, Editing)

Mr. Søren Henrik Adam MSc(English, Danish,German, Editing)

Mrs. Hannah Lai(Chinese, English, Translation and Editing)

Mr. Tao Chen (Chinese, English, Translation and Editing)

Mrs. Yao Chen, MSc (Chinese, English, Danish, Italian, Translation)

Ms. Lu Chen, MSc (Chinese, Spanish, English, Translation)

Dr. Zhenghong Zhou (Chinese, English, Editing)

Yukiko Nakayama (Japanese, English, Translation and Editing)

Some of our cooperation organization:

The University of Iowa (USA)

Aarhus University (Denmark)

The Commercial Press (China)

Danish Acupuncture Association(Denmark)

Aarhus Chinese Culture Association (ACCA) (Denmark)

Danish Tea Association (Denmark)

SMS (Germany)

Chengdu University of TCM (China)

Nanjin University of TCM(China)

Zhejiang University of TCM(China)

Sichuan Provincial Hospital(China)

Sichuan University(China)

Peking University(China)

We also welcome new translators and editors to join us. Please contact